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GTS6.3. Bạn có thích nấu ăn không?

Do you like cook?/ Can you cook?

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  1. Do you like to cook?/ Can you cook?

To be honest, I'm quite into cooking because I believe that home cooked food could guarantee our health. I don't like ready meals or take-away food because they are usually fatty and unhealthy. At present, I help my mother prepare main meals for my family everyday.

Speaking of cooking skills, I would say that I am just fine at it. I can surely cook food for myself or my family but not for a huge bunch of people. Neither do I know how to cook the great delicacies that my mother can cook. But, very soon I am planning to join a cookery class to learn cooking.

On the other hand, if we eat junk food or street food for main meals, it's really unhealthy simply because we are not sure about food hygiene and safety. Which we can assure when we cook at home.


Therefore, there is no doubt the importance of cooking at home.

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