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Thủ thuật giúp bạn triệu tập một đội quân sâu bọ - Kenny Coogan

This weird trick will help you summon an army of worms - Kenny Coogan

2.483 lượt xem

Kenny Coogan: This weird trick will help you summon an army of worms  TED  Talk

Discover the tradition of worm grunting, and find out why earthworms come to the surface when they sense vibrations in the earth.




In the middle of Florida’s Apalachicola National Forest, a bizarre, almost magical scene is unraveling. Sliding a metal strip over a wooden stake, a master summoner is sending deep croaking noises reverberating throughout the area. And, as if in a trance, hundreds of earthworms begin emerging from the soil. What’s going on? Kenny Coogan explores the tradition known as worm grunting. 


Lesson by Kenny Coogan, directed by Martina Meštrović.


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Danh mục: Video TED


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