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Sơ lược về lịch sử Tây Ban Nha - Ilan Stavans

A brief history of Spanish - Ilan Stavans

2.617 lượt xem

Trace the history and evolution of the Spanish language, from its origins in the 3rd century BCE to modern day. 




Beginning in the third century BCE, the Romans conquered the Iberian peninsula. This period gave rise to several regional languages in the area that’s now Spain, including Castilian, Catalan, and Galician. One of these would become Spanish— but not for another 1,500 years. Those years tell the origin story of what’s become a global modern language. Ilan Stavans traces the evolution of Spanish.


Lesson by Ilan Stavans, directed by Hernando Bahamon, Globizco Studios.


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Danh mục: Video TED


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