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Thần Thoại về Gawain và Green Knight - Dan Kwartler

The myth of Gawain and the Green Knight - Dan Kwartler

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Dig into the myth of the Green Knight, who comes to King Arthur’s court to challenge the honor and bravery of Camelot’s knights. 

Dan Kwartler: The myth of Gawain and the Green Knight  TED Talk



It was Christmas in Camelot and King Arthur was throwing a party. In the midst of the revelry, a towering knight proposed a game. He challenged the warriors present to attack him with his own axe. If they could strike him down, they would win his powerful weapon. However, he would be allowed to return the blow in one year. Dan Kwartler details the myth of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.


Lesson by Dan Kwartler, directed by Sarina Nihei.


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