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Một thắc mắc về rồng băng và rồng lửa - Henri Picciotto

A riddle of ice and fire dragons - Henri Picciotto

2.186 lượt xem

A Riddle of Ice and Fire Dragons  The Kid Should See This

It’s your first day as Center Realm’s official cartographer, and you’ve already got a big problem. Center Realm is home to three elder dragons: two ice, one fire, and they’ve lived in harmony for centuries. But scouts have sighted three fire dragons and five ice dragons flying towards the region. Can you figure out where to place the new dragons? Henri Picciotto shows how.


Lesson by Henri Picciotto, directed by Igor Coric, Artrake Studio.


Try your hand at drawing the new dragon regions with these downloadable (and drawable!) maps: https://bit.ly/TEDEdMaps


Henri Picciotto is a math educator, retired from teaching after 42 years in K-12 classrooms. He maintains a website (https://www.mathed.page) and a blog (https://blog.mathed.page) for math teachers, including many online and downloadable puzzles.


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